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and cleanliness

are at the heart of our concerns

The values and benefits of working with Entretien Alliance

Health , well-being and cleanliness are really at the heart of our concerns . With techniques refined since 1983, the values acquired by our maintenance firm, are always beyond the expectations of our customers. With our experience, we know that the health and productivity of your employees are important to you!

Peace of mind

Products and environment

We also believe that establishing excellent communication between management, employees and our company will provide the peace of mind that a business like yours expects from service providers.

We understand that a clean work environment positively influences work productivity and morale. This is the reason why Entretien Alliance strictly uses biodegradable products, because we believe that we must help save our planet.

Our cleanliness consultants also communicate with the site manager for a monthly 5-10 minute conversation to see if everything is being done to organizational standards.

During each shift, each cleaning consultant must complete his logbook which has many criteria to meet.

In 2020 alone, Montrealers consumed the equivalent of 483 Olympic pools (1,811,000 m3), 59 more than last year.

We are proud to install 'product sprinklers to reduce water consumption in our province of Quebec.

The EA economy

Our business partners


The structure of the Administrative council then we have created is the one to offer exceptional service and will allow all our customers to save on their current maintenance costs and increase their satisfaction by 100%.


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