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Activity area
Centre commercial


Entretien Alliance are specializing in all kinds of trading environment. With their custom techniques, you will find the brilliance of each square foot

Large modern warehouse with


With EA techniques, industrial sectors need to be done with caution and safety. That's why our experts are beyond their usual tasks to provide you an excellent service.

Modern office


The maintenance of the spaces of your offices are very important for us because we know that the cleaning represents not only our company but also the image of your company. Entretien Alliance applies customizing techniques in order to ensure that the occupied surfaces are clean and well maintained.

Interior of modern research laboratory .


With caution and safety, laboratories always require a clean environment. This is why the company uses only biodegradable products for all the tables, counters and floors and gives a hygienic disinfected place.

Salle de classe vide

School and education

Schools, daycares or other educational places require  a special attention to maintain a healthy and clean environment. With our Alliance formation training, employees will follow a control plan to meet the customer needs.

chantier de construction

After construction

After your construction project, dust and dirt are integrated into your new home. Our team of experts in cleanliness, will make sure to make a deep cleaning impeccable to its customers.

Immeuble rénové

Common areas

We take care of your common areas project. With personalized plans, you can count on our expertise.

Moving / moving in


We are working more and more with real estate brokers and individuals to arrive in your new home with health, well-being and cleanliness.

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