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Windows cleaning

Like a diamond.

In each of the institutions, the windows are part of our consent.
That's why we have the equipment to show our customers the best existing service.

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Regular maintenance

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Regular maintenance understand all the simple and daily tasks such as:

-Take care of household chores.

-Change of papers in the distributing and other (s).

-Cleaning the floors with the machine.

-Scanning of the premises and common areas.

-Change of hand soaps.

-Empty garbage cans and recycling bins.

Cleaning tools cart wait for cleaning.Bu

Stripping and Waxing

A finishing service.

Stripping and waxing are heavy work that gives a clean surface and puts each square foot of the floor back to its original state.
The waxing afterwards, come to make the surface shiny.

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Carpet Cleaning

At your service

Our customers are our priority and we do everything we can to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our work.
The washing of carpets, consists of washing each part of its tissues to get rid of odors and dirt.

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This service consist  to remove unwanted marks from shoes and other on the floor.
After the passage of the machine, you will see the difference immediately!

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Wall Cleaning


Do you expect to repaint or even rebuild your walls? Not needed anymore ! With the custom Alliance techniques, the walls will return to their pure state and with exceptional brilliance

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Steam Wash

New service

Our brand new fabric wash service is now available for dry wash materials. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Do you have a valuable sofa, ottoman or chair that cannot be washed with water? In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Our steam solution is for you.

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